The New Acland Coal Mine, owned and managed by New Acland Coal Pty Ltd, a New Hope Group company, has played a key role in the Darling Downs region as an employer and economic contributor since it began operation in October 2002.

New Hope Group has spent over 13 years advocating and fighting for the progression of New Acland Stage 3. Throughout our campaigning, we have continued supporting the local communities, and rehabilitating the mined land on site. Details about the New Acland Continuation Plan can be viewed below.

Key features of the New Acland Continuation Plan:
  • Under New Hope's revised Project, the Acland town area, including the Tom Doherty Park, the War Memorial and the Acland No 2 Colliery, would be left in place. Permanent access and utility services to Acland will be maintained over the life of the revised Project.
  • The revised Project will mean that the closest point of potential mining operations will be located at least 10km away from the township of Oakey, compared with 7km as previously proposed.
  • From the original Stage 3 proposal, there will be an overall reduction in the total amount of land disturbed for mining activities by more than half.
  • In May 2013, New Hope introduced veneering to coat all transported coal leaving the mine by train as a measure to reduce the potential for coal dust coming from trains. New Hope consistently meets strict government requirements in relation to dust.
  • The new plans will also ensure that Lagoon Creek is not diverted. Operations will continue to be self-sufficient for water, with water continuing to be purchased from Toowoomba's Wetalla Wastewater Reclamation Facility. Only around 20% of the Wetalla water is purchased by New Hope.
  • Production levels from the New Acland operation under this stage will be between 5-7 mtpa.

The revised Project will be subject to rigorous scientific and environmental assessment by the State Government through the regular Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) processes. New Hope will also continue to work in partnership with neighbours, local residents, government agencies and other key stakeholders in further developing the project.

To view documents related to New Acland's operations please visit the Reporting Page.

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