Acland Pastoral Company

New Hope believes that mining and agriculture can exist together and are demonstrating this at New Acland where mine buffer zones are farmed and rehabilitated mine areas are returned to grazing.

Acland Pastoral Company (APC), established in 2006, is a farming, grazing and land management enterprise based at New Acland. The company oversees 10,000 hectares of land, including grazing 2,000 head of cattle, and manages 2,400 hectares of crops, which are primarily sold in the Darling Downs region.

Cattle Grazing on Rehabilitated Land

APC, along with leading independent livestock consultants and a local university, conducted a scientifically-controlled cattle grazing trial at New Acland over 5 years. The trial involved grazing two mobs of cattle - one on rehabilitated mining land at New Acland and one on a non-mined paddock comparable in feed quantity and quality. Results indicate that rehabilitated mining land is as productive, it not more productive than non-mined land.

Land Management

New Acland benefits from one of Australia's most ambitious and practical land management programs, led by the Acland Pastoral Company (APC).
Established by New Hope in 2006, APC provides a progressive rehabilitation program to return mined land to agricultural and conservation uses while contributing to the region's agribusiness industry.

To date, over 664ha of land has been rehabilitated. Innovative cattle grazing trials and a local tree species planting program are also in progress at New Acland, and 2,738ha across all sites.

Bengalla Agricultural Company

Significant work was undertaken in 2019 to re-establish infrastructure and renovate the property consisting of 450ha for grazing cattle, 235ha for dryland cropping and an additional 165ha of irrigated cropping area. Bengalla Agricultural Company Pty Ltd (BAC) has produced substantial summer and winter crops and is currently backgrounding 500 weaner steers making use of the quality feed on offer.

Pastoral and Agricultural Operations

Following the acquisition of a controlling interest in Bengalla, New Hope's land management experience is being applied to the management of agricultural land surrounding the Bengalla operation, through the Company's subsidiary BAC. At BAC, significant capital upgrades were completed, including cattle yards, fencing of paddocks, lateral and pivot irrigator installation, and refurbishment of existing irrigators and reticulation networks. Irrigated crops produced 2,700 large hay bales, a further 350 bales were donated for local drought relief. Over 300 hectares of oats and pasture has been planted in recent months. Cattle grazing trials have been initiated at New Oakleigh with the introduction 113 heifers to the western rehabilitation area.

To view documents related to our Agricultural Operations please visit the Reporting Page.

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