New Hope is committed to the sustainable development of all mining lease areas under its management. Best practice environmental planning is incorporated into all phases of our projects, from development and exploration to eventual closure. All activities at New Acland are delivered under the strict conditions and requirements of its Environmental Authority (EA) as granted by the State.

Key features of New Acland’s environmental sustainability agenda include noise limits, air quality, land management and water management.

Priority is placed on local employment, including the use of local suppliers and contractors, alongside a generous community sponsorship program. These measures ensure that sustainability goes beyond environmental management to account for a more holistic approach to New Acland’s role and contribution in the local community and wider region.

New Hope Group’s unique approach to achieving a sustainable, economically productive and environmentally healthy post mine landscape has been recognised nationally by being awarded the 2016 ABA100 Winner of the Australian Business Award for Sustainability.

The award, which recognises organisations that execute initiatives demonstrating leadership and commitment to sustainable business practices, was a result of New Hope’s submission outlining how it integrates a unique combination of three activities into daily coal mining operations at its New Acland mine.

To view documents related to New Acland's environment please visit the Reporting Page.

Those activities being;
  • --> Scientific cattle grazing trials on rehabilitated mined land
  • --> Environmental conservation, protection and improvement works to revegetate buffer zones along local waterways to create koala habitat and wildlife corridors
  • --> And the use of recycled water for mining activities.
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We believe it is our responsibility to be a key partner in and with our local communities, investing money and time to support vital community organisations. And why wouldn’t we? They are our communities too. We contribute in a number of ways.


New Hope is committed to the rehabilitation of disturbed land across its operations and has rehabilitated almost 45% of its total mined land to date.

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The New Acland Coal Mine, owned and managed by New Acland Coal Pty Ltd, a New Hope Group company, has played a key role in the Darling Downs region as an employer and economic contributor since it began operation in October 2002.