Bridgeport Energy Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Hope Corporation Limited (ASX:NHC).

Executive Team
  • --> Chris Way - Chief Executive Officer, Operations Officer
  • --> Lorna Clarke - Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary
  • --> Barry Smith - Chief Technical Officer
  • --> Cameron Fink - Exploration Manager

Bridgeport is successfully developing reserves and increasing production through focussed technical analysis of its producing assets with the application of modern seismic, drilling and completion practices. At the present time, the Company's oil fields are producing a total of approximately 1,100 bopd.

Bridgeport operates exploration tenements in the Cooper Basin (Qld and SA), Surat Basin (Qld) and Otway Basin (Vic) covering an area in excess of 15,000 km2 (net).

Since December 2009, in four separate drilling campaigns, Bridgeport has successfully drilled ten producing wells, including two fracced wells and a horizontal well and another eleven exploration wells in the Cooper Basin. The Company has also acquired five onshore 3D seismic surveys and four 2D surveys in the Cooper and Surat basins. Bridgeport owns a work-over rig, which is being upgraded to carry out drilling operations.

In addition to the drilling and seismic programs, Bridgeport has undertaken extensive upgrades to its Inland and Utopia (not normally manned) facilities in accordance with industry-standard health and safety plans and policies. The Company enjoys harmonious relationships with local landowners and it has a good track record with regard to cultural heritage compliance.
Bridgeport has a wide-ranging set of environmental management systems manuals and procedures that cover a range of activities, including; corporate, drilling, seismic and production.

To view documents related to Bridgeport's operations please visit the Reporting Page.

Asset Map for the Cooper-Eromanga Basin in South-Western Queensland

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Bridgeport holds 849 km² of net oil producing acreage in nine production projects, located in the Cooper-Eromanga Basin.

Greater Kenmore-Bodalla Area- PL 31: Bodalla South, PL 32: Kenmore, PL 47: Black Stump, PL 256: Bargie and PLs 482/3/4: Marcoola, Glenvale / Coolum & Byrock oil fields - 589 km² total, 100% interest.

Purchased in late 2016 from Beach Energy, these producing oil fields are located on the south-eastern flank of the Cooper-Eromanga Basin in southwest Queensland. As part of the pre-acquisition due diligence, numerous workover candidates were identified that provided Bridgeport (Cooper Basin) Pty Ltd with cost effective reserves replacement. The Bodalla South and Kenmore fields are covered by good quality 3D seismic data and have an excellent well database. Bridgeport has since undertaken technical reviews, field models, and seismic reprocessing, to target remaining incremental developed and undeveloped reserves.

“The chief executive has approved an underground water impact report for PL 31, 32, 47, 256, 482, 483 and 484 (Greater Kenmore and Bodalla Area and surrounds) with conditions. Any individual may obtain a copy of this UWIR by contacting the following address in writing:” Attn: Environment and Compliance Team Bridgeport (Cooper Basin) Pty Ltd Level 7, 111 Pacific Highway, North Sydney NSW 2060

PL 98: Inland Oil Field - 40 km² total, 100% interest
A copy of the most recent approved UWIR report can be obtained from Bridgeport (please contact or see the Reports link under the About Us tab.

Bridgeport (Eromanga) Pty Ltd is the sole interest holder and operator of the Inland Oil Field. The field is located west of Windorah, southwestern Queensland. The Hutton Sandstone is the primary producing reservoir of the Inland Oil Field, with some minor contribution from sandstone in the Basal Birkhead Formation. Infill development wells are being planned, along with further development of the Birkhead, Murta and Namur formations as secondary oil reservoirs. Bridgeport owns the producing infrastructure, a facility capable of storing up to 3,000 barrels of oil, in addition to the equipment inventory and access roads.

PL 214: Utopia Oil Field - 220 km² total, 100% interest
A copy of the most recent approved UWIR report can be obtained from Bridgeport (please contact or see the Reports link under the About Us tab.

The Utopia Oil Field is situated southeast of the Eromanga Township, in southwestern Queensland. The oil field is known for its stable production from the Murta Formation - the primary oil-bearing reservoir. Utopia is undergoing further development through workover campaigns and infill development drilling. Utopia is not-normally manned and Oilwells, Inc of Kentucky owns and manages the equipment inventory, the producing infrastructure, facilities and access roads. Bridgeport has drilled 16 development wells and acquired approximately 90 km² of 3D seismic data across the lease.

PL 303: Cuisinier Oil Field - 76 km² total, 15% interest

The Cuisinier Oil Field is operated by Santos in PL 303 & PL 1028, southwest Queensland. Multiple sands within the Murta Formation are the main oil-bearing reservoirs and Cuisinier is undergoing drilling and production optimisation activities; including, the recent commencement of a pilot waterflood for secondary oil recovery. Besides its 15% producing interest, Bridgeport (Cooper Basin) Pty Ltd has contracted rights to sell its crude via the Moomba inlet to Port Bonython, SA. This lease area is 64 km² and is located approximately 15 km west of the Cook Facility, also operated by Santos and through which Cuisinier crude is reticulated.

ATP 1189N: Jackson / Naccowlah Area - 1,960 km² total, 2% interest

Bridgeport (Eromanga) Pty Ltd has a 2% interest in 25 PLs in the Jackson production area and in ATP 1189N, which are operated by Santos. Recently, Bridgeport has acquired 100% ownership of the Jackson oil truck loading facility, which allows alternative crude transportation through IOR.

In addition to its producing assets, Bridgeport holds net exploration acreage totalling 7,291 km², in a substantial portfolio of exploration tenements across the Cooper-Eromanga Basin.

ATP 752: Barta / Wompi Blocks - 472 km² total, 15% / 17.5% interest (respectively)

Bridgeport (Cooper Basin) Pty Ltd holds a 15% non-operated interest in the Barta Block which is operated by Santos and is adjacent to the Cuisinier Oil Field (PL 303), in southwest Queensland. The target reservoirs are the Hutton, Murta, and Tinchoo formations and ATP 752 has been evaluated by the high-density Barta West 3D seismic survey. From this, numerous prospects have been identified for future exploration drilling. The Nubba gas discovery (under PCA 155) contains contingent gas resources, that could be the subject of future development.

ATP 2021: Vali - 370 km2 total, 25% interest

ATP 2021 is an exploration permit in southwest Queensland, on the border of South Australia. On 2 July 2019, Bridgeport (Cooper Basin) Pty Ltd entered into a joint venture agreement with Metgasco and Vintage Energy (operator). The Vali-ST well, drilled in the summer of 2019 / 2020, discovered gas in multiple reservoir zones in the Permian-aged Patchawarra Formation. An extensive hydraulic stimulation test program resulted in a combined flow rate of 4.7 million standard cubic feet per day (MMscfg/d). The joint venture is undertaking Vali Gas Field development activities.

PRL 211: Odin - 99 km2, 21.25% interest

This tenement is situated in north-east South Australia, on the Queensland border and adjacent to ATP 2021. The joint venture parties (Vintage-operator, Bridgeport (Cooper Basin) Pty Ltd, Metgasco and Senex) entered into a joint operating agreement in April 2020. The tenement is covered by recent 3D seismic and there is gas potential in the Patchawarra and Toolachee formations, with the Odin structure being the main drilling prospect.

ATP 2022: Morney - 441 km2 total, 100% interest

ATP 2022 is an exploration tenement, adjacent to Bridgeport Energy (QLD) Pty Ltd's Inland Oil Field (PL 98) in southwest Queensland, west of the Windorah Township. Ministerial grant of the tenement occurred on 4 December 2019. Several leads within the primary objectives of the Birkhead / Hutton formations have been identified on the Morney High, up-dip of the 5 million barrel Inland oil accumulation.

Project Ammonite

ATP 2025, ATP 2026, ATP 736, ATP 737, & ATP 738: 8,497 km2 total, 25% interest (each)

These permits are located on the south east margin of the Cooper-Eromanga Basin in southwest Queensland. The permits were awarded to Bridgeport Energy (QLD) Pty Ltd in early 2020 and Leigh Creek Energy subsequently farmed-in with 20%, with Bridgeport retaining operatorship. The Permian Toolachee and Patachawarra formations have been identified as the primary gas plays in ATP 2023, while the Birkhead / Hutton formations are the main oil play in ATP 2024.

PEL 630: Playford - 393 km² total, 50% interest

Bridgeport (Cooper Basin) Pty Ltd holds 50% interest of this exploration tenement, comprised of a western and eastern block and located on the north-western flank of the Cooper-Eromanga Basin in South Australia. Beach Energy holds the remaining 50% interest of the permit and is the operator. PEL 630 is covered by high-quality 3D seismic data. The western block's primary oil plays are the Birkhead and Namur formations within the Eromanga sedimentary sequence, while the Permian aged, Patchawarra Formation in the Eastern Block has been identified as the primary gas play.

PEL 641: Maslins - 1,954 km2, 100% interest

Bridgeport (Cooper Basin) Pty Ltd holds 100% interest in PEL 641, an exploration permit on the southwestern flank of the Cooper Basin in northeastern South Australia. The Murta Formation is the primary oil target and multiple leads have been identified based on 2D seismic surveys. This tenement also has both conventional oil and gas potential and unconventional gas targets.

Asset Map for the Surat Basin in South-Eastern Queensland

Bridgeport Energy's producing asset within the Surat Basin, is the iconic Moonie Oil Field - an important piece of Australian oil history with a great future. In addition, Bridgeport also owns numerous exploration permits, that cover an area of 1,016 km2.

PL 1: Moonie Oil Field - 201 km² total, 100% interest

The first petroleum lease in Queensland, PL 1, is in southeast Queensland and is approximately 250 km southeast of Roma. Bridgeport (Surat Basin) Pty Ltd acquired the Moonie Oil Field from Santos in 2015. The 1961 Moonie-1 discovery well intersected oil within sandstones of the Precipice and Evergreen formations. Bridgeport operates and maintains the wells, oil tank storage, flowlines and evaporation ponds, while co-produced gas satisfies onsite fuel requirements. Large contingent resources have been identified as part of the company's CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project. Applicability of a miscible CO2 injection project has been confirmed through dynamic simulation models. Bridgeport (at 83.3%) also operates the Cabawin Field in PL 1 (2) - 55 km2, which contains undeveloped gas and liquids resources.

PL 15: Boxleigh - 259 km2, 25% interest

Bridgeport Energy (QLD) Pty Limited holds 25% interest in PL 15, situated approximately 30 km south of the Surat Township, in south-eastern Queensland. The Showgrounds Sandstone is the primary gas reservoir in this part of the Surat Basin and the Permian Kianga Formation is a secondary gas objective. AGL Energy is the operator of PL 15.

ATP 608 / PCA 156: Rookwood - 153 km2 total, 100% interest

The Rookwood Oil Field is on the western flank of the Surat Basin in southeastern Queensland. PCA 156 was granted to Bridgeport Energy (QLD) Pty Limited in 2017, as the sole interest owner and operator. The primary oil reservoir unit is the Boxvale Member of the Evergreen Formation and several satellite leads have been identified in the vicinity of the Rookwood Field.

ATP 805 / PCA 161: Donga - 152 km² total, 100% interest

ATP 805 and the overlying PCA 161 are situated approximately 48 km south of the Surat Township. Bridgeport Energy (QLD) Pty Limited is operator and holds 100% interest in the permit. The primary target of the Donga Oil Field is the Moolayember Formation and the 2015 3D Donga seismic survey identified additional oil potential to the Donga-3 discovery.

Asset Map for the Otway Basin in South-Western Victoria

Bridgeport Energy owns three exploration permits in the Otway Basin; two onshore and one offshore - totalling 4,507 km2 of exploration acreage. Recently, there has been renewed industry interest in the Otway Basin, following the lifting of the onshore petroleum exploration moratorium.

PEP 150: Digby - 3,210 km² total, 50% interest

Bridgeport (Eromanga) Pty Ltd holds 50% interest and operatorship of the onshore permit, joint ventured with Somerton Energy. The Portland Township is in the southern region and there are multiple gas pipelines through the permit. The main hydrocarbon reservoirs are the Waarre and Pretty Hill formations. Recent seismic reprocessing and technical studies have permitted the identification of multiple prospective leads.

PEP 151: Arkarua - 858 km² total, 100% interest

PEP 151 is located immediately adjacent to PEP 150, in the Otway Basin. Bridgeport (Eromanga) Pty Ltd presently holds 100% interest in the permit. The 3D Morgan seismic survey, acquired in 2014, allowed the identification of prospective resources within the Casterton Formation.

VIC / P007191 (V): Bonanza - 439 km2 total, 100% interest

This Otway Basin exploration block is in the State waters of southwestern Victoria and is contiguous with Bridgeport (Eromanga) Pty Ltd's onshore PEP 150 tenement. Bridgeport has identified hydrocarbon reservoir targets in the Pebble Point and Waarre formations.

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