Better than Bunnings
21 July 2021

Bengalla's Mining Operation relies on a variety of machines big and small, all requiring thousands of parts.

Our dedicated Stores team keeps the wheels turning, by looking after the mine's supplies.

Stores Officer, Sarah Southcombe, said the meticulous organisation of Bengalla's stores allows technicians to quickly access the parts they need.

"The carousel holds thousands upon thousands of parts for us. The guys will come to the store gate with a packing slip, we will enter it into the computer system, and it will go and pick the parts for us," Sarah said.

It really is a one stop shop.

"We try to keep as much as we can for the machines that we've currently got in the fleet.

"We also carry anything from milk, PPE, drink bottles, plus all the parts we use on a regular basis for the trucks."

Bengalla's warehouses are strategically located throughout the mine site.

"We've got oil cabinets that are full of the different oil types we use on site," Sarah said.

The dome outdoor storage facility accommodates larger parts that need to be protected from the elements.

"It houses electrical items and what we need to keep out of the weather."

Bengalla is proud to have a diverse workforce, with team members from a range of backgrounds.

Bengalla Stores

"I actually worked at a local business for 24 years and needed a change and decided to leave and started out here two weeks after I left.

"I was fortunate enough to come out here for supposedly an eight-week stint, and I've been here ever since."

Regardless of the role, there is plenty to learn.

"Everyday is different. It's not coming in and doing the same desk job. If you're lucky enough you actually get to go out in the field," Sarah said.

"It's definitely a diverse job, which is really good."

The stores' range and customer service are top notch.

"I'll say that we're better than Bunnings."

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