Bengalla: A Diverse Operation
24 June 2021

Bengalla is so much more than a mine, it is also home to a successful agricultural operation.

Adjacent to the mine is 450 hectares of grazing pastures, which our cattle call home.

Mitchell Lucht is the Assistant Manager of Bengalla Agricultural Company.

"The general day involves doing my rounds and checking on the cattle to make sure they're healthy and happy and if we're irrigating keep the irrigators going," Mr Lucht said.

An additional 235 hectares of land is used for dryland cropping, and 165 hectares for irrigated cropping.

"We're growing cereal crops and pastures just to feed to the cattle. We grow cattle feed over winter and a bit of summer crop to finish off the remainder of the weaners that are still around.

"We've had a very good season, so it's good productive country and hopefully the rain keeps up."

Working Dogs

Previously, Bengalla has run up to 1,100 head of cattle.

"They come down from Acland as weaners, get weaned off their mothers up there at Acland and then they come down here to Bengalla to grow to feeder weight, mostly for the feedlots and for replacement heifers," Mr Lucht said.

Our team is passionate about what they do, and that shows in the thriving operation Bengalla Agricultural Company is today.

"Just getting to do what you love every day.

"I love agriculture and farming. It's great to be at home every night and wake up and do something you love every day."

Have a look at Mitch's video here

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