Help Support Regional Jobs

The New Acland Coal mine has been operating responsibly on the Darling Downs for almost two decades - employing hundreds of workers and pumping millions into the local economy. We employ local workers, engage local suppliers, and support local schools, sporting and community groups.

For more than 13 years our workers and their families have been waiting for approvals from the State Government to continue our operations into the next stage.

This would extend the life of the mine by a further 15 years, create hundreds of new jobs and provide billions of dollars of economic benefit to the State. But we can't because the State Government is allowing a handful of activists to tie this project up in never ending green lawfare and effectively run down the clock on what everyone agrees is a worthwhile project.

So why should you care?

Well our mine extension is being unfairly targeted, delayed and blocked by activists. Right now it's our community at risk; our jobs, our families and our lives put in limbo.

Your Job Could Be Next

If you're on this page, you would have received a postcard which we've prepared for you to post or hand directly in to your local MP's offices. Not only will all of us at New Acland mine be greatly appreciative, you will be sending a clear message to our government that regional projects and regional jobs need to be supported. You can find the contact details of your local MP using the handy tool below.

If you didn't receive a postcard, don't fret, we've made it easy for you to send an email directly to your local MP, letting them now that you want our government to make a commitment to supporting Australian companies and Australian projects a fair go and support them creating regional jobs. You can access the page here.

"This isn't just about our jobs or our mine, this is about projects being knocked back all across Regional QLD."