We have called on the State Government to grant the outstanding approvals for Stage 3 immediately and ensure there is a continued ramp up of jobs over the next 12-18 months.

The Acland Stage 3 Expansion Project is currently sitting with the State Government, awaiting approval. We have been advised on more than one occasion that these approvals have been ready for grant for some time with nothing further required for the relevant decisions to be made.

Never in Queensland has a government waited for court decisions to be finalised before it made decisions on mining projects and we firmly believe this is not the time to set such a precedent.

By approving the expansion of the New Acland Coal Mine, confidence can be given back to our existing workforce, the Oakey community, our suppliers and others reliant on the mine. It will also enable us to create 487 new jobs at New Acland within 18 months of approvals.

The Facts

This is not just about a mine, it's about securing jobs, keeping local businesses strong and putting money back in the pockets of hard-working regional Queenslanders;

What you need to know:
  • --> If approved New Acland will employ more than 550 locals, support 1,000 suppliers and will support more the 14,000 direct and indirect stakeholders;
  • --> New Hope was forced to cut approximately 150 jobs from New Acland Mine, due to the State Government's failure to grant a Stage 3 Mining Lease, an Associated Water Licence and approval for the continued use of the Jondaryan Rail Facility as of 1 September 2019;
  • --> New Acland State 3 is vital economic development project, critical for the future health of the Queensland economy;
  • --> New Hope is committed to New Acland Stage 3 and will continue to push for approvals;
  • --> New Hope supports local businesses and suppliers and injects more than $110 million into the Darling Downs economy and more than $300 million into the broader South East Queensland economy each year;
  • --> Thousands of jobs and $7 billion to the Queensland economy is at risk if New Acland Stage 3 isn't approved by the State Government;
  • --> New Hope first sought approvals for New Acland Stage 3 back in 2007; The ramp down at New Acland has impacted the entire community, including labour hire, permanent employees and staff in all departments;
  • --> A further ramp down will occur towards the end of 2020 if approvals are not forthcoming;

As of October 2020, New Hope Group pays:
  • --> Aurizon - $100 million annually;
  • --> Queensland Rail - $100 million annually;
  • --> Toowoomba City Council - $10 million annually for recycled waste water;
  • --> Port of Brisbane - $11 million annually.


New Hope Group has been waiting 12 years for approval of the next stage of the New Acland Mine near Oakey.

Our application to expand the mine pre-dates the launch of the first Apple iPhone and, 12 years later, we are still waiting. This is not a new mine - New Acland has been in operation for more than 17 years.

The state government has all it needs to approve Stage 3. We are calling on the Premier to make the call and let us get on with employing regional Queenslanders in high paying, full time jobs.

Download the timeline to see how the project has progressed over time.